Asian Theological Summer Institute

About the Asian Theological Summer Institute

May 29-June 1, 2018

Held on United Lutheran Seminary’s Philadelphia campus, the Asian Theological Summer Institute (ATSI) seeks to identify and encourage Asians/Asian Americans who are focused on theological education at the PhD and ThD level.

Application deadline = February 1, 2018

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2018 Faculty

  • Dr. Peter C. Phan
  • Dr. W. Anne Joh
  • Dr. Tat-siong Benny Liew
  • Dr. Kwok Pui Lan
  • Dr. J. Jayakiran Sebastian
  • Dr. J. Paul Rajashekar


Call: 215-248-6305 | e-mail: or

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Asian Theological Summer Institute - United Lutheran Seminary

“Wonderful opportunity. Incredibly generous program. Supportive and nurturing faculty.”
— Student, ATSI

Thank you for your wisdom and willingness to share your experience and advice to an emerging scholar! The formal and informal consultations and conversations added much depth and breadth to my perspective on how to proceed with my proposal.”
- Student, ATSI

“The profound company of Asian scholars enlivened my work and spirit. I am grateful for the informal mentoring offered by faculty and participants.”
- Student, ATSI

“Sometimes it’s easy to feel almost as though you have to suppress your identity, but in an informal and open setting like ATSI you find out not only what others have to offer through their experiences, but what you have to offer to others.”
- Student, ATSI