Active Shooter Response Training

ACTIVE SHOOTER RESPONSE TRAINING: Gettysburg & Philadelphia. In light of the mass shooting events, church leaders have asked to have training in how to respond if an active shooter comes into the building. United Lutheran Seminary will offer this training on both campuses. This event is open to all folks interested in receiving such training. Questions can be directed to Chelle Huth, Director of Lifelong Learning, United Lutheran Seminary at It is a busy time of year, but ULS wanted to offer this in a timely manner. Additional training will be scheduled in the new year for both campuses. THIS EVENT IS FREE FOR ALL STUDENTS, STAFF & FACULTY OF ULS.  Training Dates are
Gettysburg: Monday, Dec 18, 10:00am -11:30am, Church of the Abiding Presence United Lutheran Seminary Gettysburg Campus
Philadelphia: Tuesday, Dec 19, 9:30am – 11:00am, Brossman Center United Lutheran Seminary Philadelphia Campus
Cost $10 per person payable at the door (reservations/registration not necessary). Video of the training will be available for a $10 fee. This video will be sent to you via email link a few days after the live training. The video will be taken down January 30, 2018. To receive this video send a check made out to United Lutheran Seminary and a note of the email address you would like the link sent to,  Send to: Chelle Huth, United Lutheran Seminary, 61 Seminary Ridge, Gettysburg, PA 1732