Croft Publishes Book on Hope Filled Preaching During Slavery and Post Civil War

Book Announcement: The Motif of Hope in African American Preaching during Slavery and the Post-Civil War Era

United Lutheran Seminary is delighted to announce the publication of a book uncovering the hope filled preaching connected to 19th Century African American religious history by the Rev. Dr. Wayne E. Croft Sr., a member of the faculty.
The Motif of Hope in African American Preaching during Slavery and the Post-Civil War Era: There’s a Bright Side Somewhere explores the use of the motif of hope within African American preaching during slavery (1803–1865) and the post-Civil War era (1865–1896). It discusses the presentation of the motif of hope in African American preaching from an historical perspective and how this motif changed while in some instances remained the same with the changing of its historical context. Furthermore, this discussion illuminates a reality that hope has been a theme of importance throughout the history of African American preaching.

Croft is the  Jeremiah A. Wright Sr. Associate Professor of Homiletics and Liturgics in African American Studies at United Lutheran Seminary, and he is also Senior Pastor of the St. Paul’s Baptist Church in West Chester, Pennsylvania

Commenting on Croft’s work is faculty colleague and fellow preacher Karyn Wiseman, who said, “We live in a world where hope is in high demand and where it is often missing. In this book, Dr. Wayne Croft mines African American history to bring hope to the forefront for preachers and readers by examining the motif of hope in black scholarship and preaching. A great addition to your library and for your preaching.”

The book is published by Rowan’s Lexington Books line, and will be available for purchase in October. Contact Rowan/Lexington through telephone at 1-800-462-6420 or on the web at