From My Desk to Yours

From My Desk to Yours: Board of Trustees January Update

ULS President’s Newsletter | Spring Term 2018-19

Volume II, Issue 3

The ULS Board of Trustees held a positive and productive meeting last week on the Philadelphia Campus, addressing several important issues with 17 of the 20 board members in attendance. Members of the faculty, staff, and friends from the community were also present. The board met with student leaders at an informative dinner the night before the BOT meeting. This informal meeting helped to set the tone for several days of hard work and fellowship. With the help of our leaders – board members, staff, faculty and students alike – we are continuing to fulfill our mission of Unifying, Learning and Serving. The following is a list of motions that passed as recommended by each Board Committee:

Resource Development and Financial Management Committee

Motion description: Motion to approve the unwinding of the Tax Credit structures and entities as proposed.  Motion approved unanimously.

Motion Description: Motion to approve the proposed RDFM Committee Exhibit Statement by ULS expressing its support for SRHPF. Motion approved unanimously.

Motion Description: Motion that The RDFM committee recommends to the ULS Board that the financial task force be authorized to apply to the Mission Investment Fund for an additional loan of approximately $6 million to $8 million. Motion carries unanimously.

Diversity Committee

Motion Description: Motion from the for the Board of Trustees to approve the Welcome and Equity Statement for United Lutheran Seminary. Motion carries.

Presidential Search Update

A committee is currently being formed by the trustees and will include students, staff, faculty, and alumni. More information to come from the Board Chair Peter Boehringer.

Academic and Leadership Development Committee

Motion Description: Move that the ULS Board of Trustees authorize a search for a Biblical Studies (Old Testament) faculty position.  Motion carries unanimously.

Motion Description: Move that the ULS Board of Trustees proceed with tenure as defined by the Faculty Permanency (Tenure) Task Force of the ULS Board of Trustees.  Motion carries unanimously.

Meetings of this importance, which address so many topics in a very short amount of time, are both encouraging and exhilarating.  As usual, working with this professional, caring, and dedicated group of people is always a pleasure and a humbling experience.

Merciful God, our patient Instructor, bless the decisions of our steadfast leaders, members of the ULS Board of Trustees, trusting as they do in your divine guidance, and always with your purpose and your glory in the forefront of their minds and the center of their hearts. Know that the leaders of this institution are always seeking to build community, within our walls on our two campuses, in our neighborhoods and town and city, and in the world as we spread your Word and accomplish your mission. We ask your blessing on ULS, on our students, our staff, our faculty, alumni, trustees and friends, and always in the name of your son, our Savior Jesus Christ.


Click here to read the report from the Board of Trustees.

Richard Green
Interim President