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United Lutheran Seminary Board of Trustees

This page contains news and updates from the Board of Trustees of United Lutheran Seminary.

Latest News From the Board

February 5, 2019

January 2019 Board of Trustees Update

The recent meeting of the United Lutheran Seminary (ULS) Board of Trustees was marked by a series of positive developments for the seminary community. First, we welcomed back our student representatives as well as two representatives of the LTSP and LTSG alumni associations. It was wonderful for the board to hear directly from students regarding…

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October 2, 2018

A Statement from the ULS Board of Trustees: 10/2

Dear ULS Community, The Board of Trustees of United Lutheran Seminary acknowledges with sorrow that the patterns and structures of the Seminary, the ELCA and other churches, and our society are all enmeshed in forms of systemic racism. We regret and deplore the ways that racism has been experienced at ULS by persons of color…

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An Update from the ULS Board of Trustees: 10/2

Dear ULS Community, In recent months members of the United Lutheran Seminary (ULS) community and the Urban Theological Institute (UTI), including students, staff and faculty have come forward to share stories of either experiencing racism first hand or witnessing racism within the community and our institutional structures. Their stories, both verbal and written, have been…

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September 28, 2018

Board of Trustees Statement Coming Soon

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the ULS Board of Trustees met on the Gettysburg campus of United Lutheran Seminary. It was a blessed time of prayerful and fruitful discussion. Check back soon for a summary of the week’s discussions.

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May 22, 2018

Board of Trustees Letter: May 22nd [Revised]

Dear United Lutheran Seminary Family and Supporters: On May 16-17, the United Lutheran Seminary (ULS) Board of Trustees met on the Philadelphia campus for its regularly scheduled meeting. The acting president and the board would like to share the following updates and actions:  As previously announced, the board voted unanimously to name Dr. Richard Green…

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March 14, 2018

ULS Board Letter – March 14th

Dear United Lutheran Seminary Family and Supporters: On March 6, the United Lutheran Seminary (ULS) Board of Trustees underwent a daylong series of listening sessions. These meetings had a profound effect on the Board of Trustees. We wish to once again thank all of those who took the time, effort and courage to share with…

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March 7, 2018

March 7, 2018

Dear United Lutheran Seminary Family and Supporters: Yesterday, the United Lutheran Seminary (ULS) Board of Trustees underwent a series of listening sessions. It was an extremely enlightening and humbling experience. We deeply thank all those who took the time and effort, on extremely short notice, to share their thoughts, concerns, disappointments and suggestions during these…

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March 7th, 2018

The board of ULS expresses its enormous gratitude and appreciation to all those who were able to meet and share with us during yesterday’s listening sessions. We are developing a more detailed statement, which we expect to issue by the end of the day.

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March 1, 2018

Statement from the Board of Trustees (March 1st 2018)

Dear ULS students, faculty, staff, and alumni, The Board of Trustees has heard your concerns. We take them extremely seriously, and addressing this issue is our highest priority. Addressing issues of this importance require a face to face meeting, which is now scheduled for Tuesday, March 6 on the Philadelphia campus. In this interim period, we…

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ULS Board of Trustees

Chairperson: Peter Boehringer
Vice Chairperson: Cheryl Williams
Secretary: Karen Arnold
Treasurer: Paul Wangerin

Karen Arnold
Tracie Bartholomew
Peter Boehringer
Nancy Deming
James Dunlop
R Guy Erwin

Kris Hansen-Kieffer
James Lakso
Sara Lilja
Craig Arthur Miller
Chris Mondics
Constance Mentzer

Fred Risser
Tommie Robinson, Jr.
David Russell
Mark Kelly Tyler
Paul Wangerin
Cheryl Williams

United Lutheran Seminary Endowment Foundation

Mr. Frank J. Leber
Ms. Karen A. Albrecht
Maj. Gen. Charles H. Armstrong
Bernadine Armstrong
Mr. Harold L. Brake
Mr. Emried D. Cole, Jr.
Mr. Kenneth Danker
Mr. Bruce D. George
The Rev. Roland C. Hobbs

Mrs. Leslie D. Hobbs
Mr. Brandon James
The Rev. Paul Jann
Mr. Pete Knudsen
The Rev. Glenn E. Ludwig
The Rev. Dr. Victor A. Myers
Mr. David Russell
Mr. John Ward

Executive Committee (Ex Officio Members)
James Dunlop
Mr. Dennis Trotter
The Rev. Dr. Angela W. Zimmann
Mr. Scott Ganley
Mr. Conor Brooks

SRHPF Board of Trustees – 2016

Deborah Adamik
Bruce Albright
Gerald Christianson
Emried Cole
David LaCook
James Dunlop
Paul Dende

Judy Garber – 2014
Carl Greenawald
Ronald Hankey
Leslie Hartman
Brad Hoch
Brandon James

John Latschar
Frank Leber
Mary Anne Morefield
Kristin Rice
John Spangler
Daryl Black
Scott Ganley

Reconstituted LTSP Board of Trustees

Ms. Cheryl Williams

David Russell

Peter Knudsen

Bishop Tracie Bartholomew

Fred Risser

Bryan Penman

The LTSP Foundation Board of Directors

Gregory T. Durant
Donald Hallberg
Rev. Paul Jann
Patrick Kennedy
Peter A. Knudsen

Jeffrey T. S. MacDonagh
Fred E. Risser
Robert Smith
Guenter Wesch
Rev. Robert G. Wollenburg

United Lutheran Seminary (ULS)
Dennis Trotter
Scott Ganley