Reason #1: A Hope-Filled New Beginning


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Reason #1: A Hope-Filled New Beginning

From Angela Zimmann, VP of Advancement

This year has been witness to some of the most fractious and galvanizing public conversation in a generation. Even simple cultural events like the playing of the national anthem at football games have been politicized and folks are dragged into making public stands where there were previously none.

At a time like this, I have been part of a hope-filled new beginning born out of a conflict that lasted over 150 years: United Lutheran Seminary. What does this say about the future of theological education in the Northeastern United States? It says that we recognize that people are more important than archaic doctrinal differences, that the mission of God’s kingdom is our core commonality, and that the rich traditions we carry forward are for the purpose of building bridges and not creating barriers.

ULS staff - Angela Zimmann

I fervently pray for the future of not only our nation, but our relationships within the cradle of humanity itself. United Lutheran Seminary is working to equip the saints for the work of ministry at a time when God’s message of grace and hope are needed more than ever. Thank you for your prayers and support of this mission. Thank you for being part of God’s redeeming work in the world.

Angela Zimmann
VP of Advancement
United Lutheran Seminary

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