Reason #2: “I Would Not Have Guessed…”


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Reason #2: “I Would Not Have Guessed…”

From Ryan Fitch, ULS Student

My time at United Lutheran Seminary has been one of great joy.

Just a couple years ago I would not have guessed that I would be in this place, following the paths that my father and grandfather have as well. Since beginning this journey, I have found a new means of connecting with both of these personal inspirations. We have been able to discuss the ways seminary life and curriculum have changed so many times in our cumulative 8 years in Gettysburg.

It has been comforting to hear that they have experienced very similar changes, that often seem shocking at the time, and yet this place has continued to educate, inspire, and develop leaders in the church.

Ryan Fitch, ULS student

Financial burdens for my father still persist, but he is relieved to see that the same is not true for me. I have been given such a great gift by coming to United Lutheran Seminary in this time, and always keeping an eager eye to the future of this seminary.

Ryan Fitch
United Lutheran Seminary

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