Imagine a Seminary... for the Church of the 21st Century

Imagine United Lutheran Seminary

  • An Integrated, Experiential and Empowering Curriculum that is based on ministry competencies not just grades
  • Full-Tuition Scholarships for all full-time ELCA students that qualify and matching scholarships for other ministry students
  • Learn in a town setting (Gettysburg, PA), an urban center (Philadelphia, PA) or from your home town (through our Distributed Learning pathway) and gear your studies towards the type of ministry that fits your sense of call.
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ULS Quick Facts


1 seminary on 2 campuses


denominations among student body

$2.275 million
Financial support to be distributed to students this year

191 + 153
Years of experience educating graduate and professional students

Degrees: MDiv, MA, MAML, STM, MAPL, DMin, PhD

Graduates of Gettysburg and Philadelphia Seminaries

Formats for Learning: Residential, Commuting, Distributed learning, Online, Hybrid, Intensive, Certificate

Practical and Flexible

No longer will geography prevent an individual from pursuing God’s call. ULS is one school with a campus in the city of Philadelphia and the town of Gettysburg.

In addition to these two unique locations, ULS will also offer day, night and weekend courses. Furthermore, our Distributed Learning pathway will allow students access to ULS’ excellent course offerings without having to relocate to either campus. Through online classes and weeklong intensives, students will be able to complete their degree from anywhere in the country.

Programs & Pathways

Degree Programs


The Master of Divinity is a 3 year degree program that prepares individuals to serve as professional ministers in the church.


The Master of Divinity Distributed Learning pathway allows students to complete a Master of Divinity degree without having to relocate to campus. Classes are administered both online and through on campus, week-long, intensives.

Accelerated MDiv Co-op

The Accelerated Mdiv Co-op pathway is an innovative partnership between the seminary, congregations, and synods. Co-op Students work 20 hours a week in a congregation while also completing their Master of Divinty coursework leading to a highly integrated learning experience.


Master of Arts (MA) Goals: This degree program is designed to provide students the opportunity to pursue a concentration in an area of theological interest while also providing a broad foundation for further graduate study or for general educational or vocational use. Courses will be offered on both campuses in various formats: residential, hybrid, intensive, and online. If the degree is not completed within four years, the student must petition the faculty for continuance in the degree program. The MA comes with the possibility of concentrations in a variety of areas.


The Master of Arts in Ministerial Leadership degree program prepares persons for leadership service in the church, often (in the ELCA) preparing a person preparing for rostered service as a deacon, a minister of Word and Service.


The Master of Arts in Public Leadership program is designed to provide students with strong a theological grounding, hands on experience, and instruction on the best practices for work in faith-based non-profit organizations.


The Masters of Sacred Theology degree program provides an opportunity for concentrated study in a particular theological discipline for those who have completed a first theological degree.


The Doctor of Ministry program is designed for experienced pastors to devote intensive study to a task or issue in the practice of ministry.


This degree program equips persons for vocations of teaching and research and for the scholarly enhancement of ministerial practice. (The PhD program is currently not accepting applications)

Non-Degree Programs

Certificate study involves non degree study programs with in depth focus in theology, bible, history and practice of ministry for interested lay persons, TEEM candidates and others. Programs include the Certificate in Theological Studies and Certificate in Christian Ministry and Certificate in Church Leadership through the Urban Theological Institute (UTI).

In addition to certificate study, United Lutheran Seminary offers a rich and frequent program of Lifelong Learning.

Please note: VA benefits cannot be used for tuition for any certificate program.

More About Certificate Studies More About Lifelong Learning More About UTI

We Will Help You Pay For It

Groundbreaking Financial Aid

Graduate school is expensive. This is an unfortunate truth, but it is also an issue that we are addressing head-on. At ULS we are committed to re-thinking the way theological education is funded. No longer do we want students to be viewed as a funding source, but rather as individuals who are giving their life in service to the church.

United Lutheran Seminary is excited to announce that full-tuition scholarships will be awarded to ALL ELCA students who meet the following requirements:

In addition to these generous scholarship offers, we will also provide matching scholarships to all other students. Any money a student receives in support from their congregation or ecclesiastical body will be matched by United Lutheran Seminary, up to the full cost of tuition.

Financial Aid

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