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United Lutheran Seminary will offer a ground-breaking approach to theological education with its new competency based Master of Divinity curriculum. Students will be challenged to integrate and embody their studies and develop necessary capacities for ministry.

The curriculum is designed to be integrative, experiential, and empowering in order to form leaders who can step boldly into the current realities of ministry today and who will be dynamic leaders for the church’s future.

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Ministry is not an isolated activity, but connects the classroom to the field education setting, the conceptual and the experiential, the science and the art of ministry. The demands of public ministry are constantly entwining and overlapping. In a given moment, a simple question from a parishioner can challenge the pastor to use their exegetical, pastoral care, and theological skills.

We believe that a seminary student’s classroom experience should reflect these realities of ministry. United Lutheran Seminary will intentionally bring together the student’s field education and academic experiences. And each course will have an interdisciplinary component with interdisciplinary lectures from professors in one of the other fields of study.


Knowing the right answer is not the same as doing the right thing. This is especially true in ministry. Knowing the theological concepts is not the same as caring for individuals or leading a congregation.

ULS designed its curriculum to ensure that students are not just asked to learn the information but also tasked with acquiring the skills of ministry. Assignments are designed to actively engage students in learning. Student evaluation will be based on their ability to demonstrate various competencies for ministry.


United Lutheran Seminary envisions preparing graduates in such a way that they can immediately step into a ministry setting with confidence that they can lead and inspire others.

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Degree Programs

Master of Divinity
Master of Arts (MA)
Master of Sacred Theology (STM)
Master of Arts in Ministerial Leadership (MAML)
Master of Arts in Public Leadership (MAPL)
Doctor of Ministry (DMin)
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Non-Degree Programs

Certificate in Theological Studies
Youth Ministry Certification
Anglican Studies Certificate
UTI Certificate in Church Leadership
UTI Certificate in Christian Ministry
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