Faculty & Staff


Sharon Baker

Public Services Assistant, Krauth Memorial Branch Library, Philadelphia

Phone: 215-248-6335

Email: sbaker@uls.edu

Kyle Barger

Co-Director of IT and Senior Director of Operations, Philadelphia

Phone: 215-248-6325

Email: kbarger@uls.edu

Patricia Barringer

Housekeeping staff, Philadelphia

Evan Brock

Executive Assistant to the President and Associate Director of the Annual Fund

Phone: 215-248-6324

Email: ebrock@uls.edu

Conor Brooks

Director of Advancement Services

Phone: 717-338-3012

Email: cbrooks@uls.edu

Kimberly I. Clark

Director of Financial Aid

Phone: 215-248-6301

Email: kclark@uls.edu

Andrew Crouse

Technology Services

Phone: 717-338-3037

Email: acrouse@uls.edu

Alex DaSilva

Facilities Custodian

Grainne Davies

Communications Coordinator

Phone: 717-339-1327

Email: gdavies@uls.edu

Dave Davies

Maintenance Technician

Phone: 717-752-5139

Email: ddavies@uls.edu

Allison deForest

Director of the Graduate School, Institutional Assessment, Distributed Learning and Co-op Programs, Adjunct Faculty

Phone: 215-248-6347

Email: adeforest@uls.edu

Alberto DeJesus

Director of Facilities Management

Phone: 215-248-7374

Email: adejesus@uls.edu

Melanie DelSignore

Housekeeping staff, Gettysburg

Rene Diemer

Consultant Registrar

Phone: 215-248-6305

Email: rdiemer@uls.edu

Lisa Dubay

Major Gift Officer

Phone: 717-338-3009

Email: ldubay@uls.edu

Michael Fabian

Public Safety Officer

Richard Green

Interim President

Phone: 717-338-3001

Email: rgreen@uls.edu

Ed Henry II

Director of Human Resources

Phone: 215-248-6393

Email: ehenry@uls.edu

Kayla Hopgood

Major Gift Officer

Phone: 215-248-6318

Email: khopgood@uls.edu

Chelle Huth

Director of Lifelong Learning, Certificate Studies & Adjunct Faculty

Phone: 717-338-3038

Email: chuth@uls.edu

Lyn Jackson

Contextual Formation, Life Long Learning & UTI Assistant

Phone: 215-248-6381

Email: ljackson@uls.edu

Yvonne Jones Lembo

Major Gifts Officer - ULS Regional Gift Planner - ELCA Foundation

Phone: 215-300-8942

Email: ylembo@uls.edu

Sheila Joy

Archivist and Cataloger, A.R. Wentz Branch Library, Gettysburg

Phone: 717-339-1317

Email: sjoy@uls.edu

John Largen

Dean of the Gettysburg Chapel and Adjunct Faculty

Phone: 717-339-1310

Email: jlargen@uls.edu

Marlita Lee

Coordinator of Admissions Services

Phone: 215-248-7302

Email: malee@uls.edu

Karen Lentz

Staff Accountant

Phone: 717-338-3002

Email: klentz@uls.edu

Glenn E. Ludwig

Project Director, Sr. Pastor Training Program

Phone: 717-697-6184

Email: gludwig@uls.edu

Tammy McKim

Staff Accountant

Phone: 717-338-3003

Email: tmckim@uls.edu

Randy Miller

Maintenance Staff, Gettysburg

Phone: 717-357-4122

Email: rmiller@uls.edu

Wendy Mizenko

Associate Director of Operations, Director of Housing, Facilities and Special Events for Gettysburg

Phone: 717-338-3004

Email: wmizenko@uls.edu

Mariam Nowar

Senior Director of Finance

Phone: 215-248-7311

Email: mnowar@uls.edu

Andrea Oslikova

Major Gift Officer

Phone: 717-338-3010

Email: aoslikova@uls.edu

Carla E. Pavlick

Executive Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Institutional Advancement

Phone: 717-339-1322

Email: cpavlick@uls.edu

Donald Redman

Director of IT Systems and Educational Technology

Phone: 717-338-3036

Email: dredman@uls.edu

Dave Reecher

Director of Maintenance and Project Management

Phone: 717-338-3017

Email: dreecher@uls.edu

Alexandra Reid

Educational Technologist and Coordinator of Student Learning Assessment

Phone: 215-248-6387

Email: areid@uls.edu

Michael Reid

Director of Public Safety

Email: mreid@uls.edu

Sherry Rippman

Administrative Staff

Phone: 717-338-3005

Email: srippman@uls.edu

Julie Ritter

Registrar and Senior Assistant to the Dean

Phone: 717-338-3007

Email: jritter@uls.edu

John Sherwood

Public Safety Officer

Phone: 215-248-4665

Email: jsherwood@uls.edu

Taija Snyder

Housekeeping staff, Gettysburg

Cody Swisher

Public Services Assistant, A.R. Wentz Branch Library, Gettysburg

Phone: 717-338-3014

Email: cswisher@uls.edu

Derrick Tidwell

IT Site Manager

Phone: 215-248-7381

Email: dtidwell@uls.edu

Ron Townsend

Acquisitions, Cataloging, and Systems Specialist, Krauth Memorial Branch Library, Philadelphia

Phone: 215-248-6334

Email: rtownsend@uls.edu

James Trent

Lead Designer

Phone: 717-339-1311

Email: jtrent@uls.edu

Deborah Walker


Shania West

Custodial Coordinator, Gettysburg

Dana Witt

Music, Gettysburg! Assistant

Phone: 717-339-1319

Email: dwitt@uls.edu

James Ziebell

Reception and Mail Room Manager, Philadelphia

Phone: 215-248-6303

Email: jziebell@uls.edu

Angela Zimmann

Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Adjunct Faculty

Phone: 717-338-3015

Email: azimmann@uls.edu

Martin Otto Zimmann

Director of Congregational Relations; Adjunct Faculty in Church and Society; Executive Director, Stewardship of Life Institute

Phone: 717-338-3011

Email: mzimmann@uls.edu


Evan E. Boyd

Library Director and Archivist

Phone: 215-248-6330

Email: eboyd@uls.edu

Reed Carlson

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies

Wayne E. Croft, Sr.

Jeremiah A. Wright Sr. Associate Professor of Homiletics and Liturgics in African American Studies

Phone: 215-248-7380

Email: wcroft@uls.edu

Maria E. Erling

Professor of Modern Church History and Global Mission

Phone: 717-339-1306

Email: merling@uls.edu

Vincent Evener

Assistant Professor of Reformation and Luther Studies

Phone: 717-339-1305

Email: vevener@uls.edu

Crystal L. Hall

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies

Phone: 215-248-6376

Email: chall@uls.edu

Mark G. Vitalis Hoffman

Glatfelter Professor of Biblical Studies

Phone: 717-339-1314

Email: mhoffman@ULS.edu

John F. Hoffmeyer

Associate Professor of Systematic Theology

Phone: 215-248-6346

Email: jhoffmeyer@uls.edu

Kristin Johnston Largen

Professor of Systematic Theology

Phone: 717-338-3007

Email: klargen@uls.edu

Charles R. Leonard

Associate Professor of Practical Theology, Director of Field Formation, and Dean of the Philadelphia Chapel

Phone: 215-248-6340

Email: cleonard@uls.edu

Jon Pahl

Peter Paul and Elizabeth Hagan Professor in the History of Christianity

Phone: 215-248-6397

Email: jpahl@uls.edu

J. Paul Rajashekar

Luther D. Reed Professor of Systematic Theology and Director, Asian Theological Summer Institute

Phone: 215-248-6379

Email: rajashekar@uls.edu

Quintin L. Robertson

Instructor & Director of the Urban Theological Institute & Black Church Studies Program

Phone: 215-248-7324

Email: qrobertson@uls.edu

Kyle Schiefelbein-Guerrero

Assistant Professor of Worship and Liturgy

J. Jayakiran Sebastian

H. George Anderson Professor of Mission and Cultures and Dean of the Seminary, Vice President of Student Services

Phone: 215-248-7378

Email: jsebastian@uls.edu

Storm Swain

The Frederick Houk Borsch Associate Professor of Anglican Studies, Pastoral Care and Theology

Phone: 215-248-7375

Email: sswain@uls.edu

Gilson A. C. Waldkoenig

Paulssen-Hale-Maurer Professor of Church in Society and Director of TCCI

Phone: 717-338-3029

Email: gwaldkoenig@uls.edu

Karyn L. Wiseman

The Herman G. Stuempfle Associate Professor of Homiletics

Phone: 215-248-7326

Email: kwiseman@uls.edu

Professors Emeriti of United Lutheran Seminary

Mr. Donald Matthews, M.L.S., 1966-1991 Librarian Emeritus; Professor Emeritus of Bibliography

The Rev. Darold Beekmann, D.D., 1990-2000 President Emeritus of the Seminary

The Rev. Robert G. Hughes, Ph.D., 1972-2002 St. John Professor Emeritus, Homiletics

Dr. Norma Schweitzer Wood, M.A.R., D.Min., 1972-2003 Dean Emerita; Professor Emerita of Pastoral Counseling and Interpersonal Ministries

The Rev. J. Paul Balas, M.Ed., Ph.D., 1989-2003 Professor Emeritus of Pastoral Theology

The Rev. Gordon W. Lathrop, Th.D., 1984-2004 Charles A. Schieren Professor Emeritus, Liturgy

The Rev. Gerald Christianson, Ph.D., 1967-2008 Central Pennsylvania Synod Professor of Church History, Emeritus

The Rev. Margaret A. Krych, Ph.D., 1977-2008 Charles F. Norton Professor Emerita, Christian Education and Theology

The Rev. William Avery, D.Min., 1983-2009 Professor Emeritus of Field Education and The Arthur L. Larson Professor Emeritus of Stewardship and Parish Ministry

The Rev. Richard Stewart, D.Min, 1989-2012 Associate Professor Emeritus, Communications and Parish Administration

The Rev. Robin Mattison, Ph. D., 1989-2013 Associate Professor Emerita, New Testament and Greek

The Rev. Nelson Strobert, Ph.D., 1987-2013 Professor Emeritus of Christian Education in the Paulssen-Hale Chair of Church and Society

The Rev. Timothy J. Wengert, Ph.D., 1989-2013 Ministerium of Pennsylvania Emeritus Professor, Church History

The Rev. Philip D.W. Krey, Ph.D., 1990-2015 Ministerium of New York Professor Emeritus, Early Church History

The Rev. Karl Krueger, Ph.D., 1999-2016 Director Emeritus of the Krauth Memorial Library and Professor Emeritus, History of Christianity

The Rev. Michael L. Cooper-White, D.D., 2000-2017 President Emeritus of the Seminary

The Rev. Stephen P. Folkemer, D.Min., 1979-2017 Professor Emeritus of Church Music and Seminary Cantor

Dr. Erik Heen, Ph.D., 1996-2017 John H. P. Reumann Professor Emeritus in Biblical Studies

The Rev. Leonard M. Hummel, Ph.D., 2005-2017 Professor Emeritus of Pastoral Theology

The Rev. Robert Robinson, Ph. D., 1989-2017 Anna Burkhalter Professor Emeritus in Old Testament and Hebrew

The Rev. Marty E. Stevens, Ph.D., 2006-2017 Professor Emerita of Old Testament and Stewardship

The Rev. Mark W. Oldenburg, Ph.D., 1986-2018 Steck-Miller Professor Emeritus of the Art of Worship

The Rev. Katie Day, Ph.D., 1985-2019 Charles A. Scheiren Professor Emerita of Church in Society