Faculty & Staff

Kathie A. Afflerbach

Advancement services administrator

Phone: 215-248-6324

Email: kafflerbach@uls.edu

Sharon Baker

Public Services Assistant, Krauth Memorial Library

Phone: 215-248-6335

Email: sbaker@uls.edu

Kyle Barger

Co-Director of IT and Director of Operations, Philadelphia

Phone: 215-248-6325

Email: kbarger@uls.edu

Patricia Barringer

Housekeeping staff, Philadelphia

J. Barrington (“Barrie”) Bates

Adjunct Faculty

Phone: 231-373-4500

Email: jbates@uls.edu

Aaron Bishop

Housekeeping Manager, Philadelphia

Evan E. Boyd

Library Director and Archivist

Phone: 215-248-6330

Email: eboyd@uls.edu

Conor Brooks

Director of Advancement Services

Phone: 717-338-3012

Email: cbrooks@uls.edu

Joseph A. Carlucci

Executive Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff to the President's Council

Phone: 717-338-3001

Email: jcarlucci@uls.edu

Kimberly I. Clark

Director of Financial Aid

Phone: 215-248-6301

Email: kclark@uls.edu

Wayne E. Croft, Sr.

Jeremiah A. Wright Sr. Associate Professor of Homiletics and Liturgics in African American Studies

Phone: 215-248-7380

Email: wcroft@uls.edu

Andrew Crouse

Technology Services

Phone: 717-338-3037

Email: acrouse@uls.edu

Grainne Davies

Communications Assistant and Manager of Print and Mailing

Phone: 717-339-1327

Email: gdavies@uls.edu

Dave Davies

Maintenance Staff, Gettysburg

Phone: 717-752-5139

Email: ddavies@uls.edu

Katie Day

The Charles A. Scheiren Professor of Church and Society

Phone: 215-248-6345

Email: kday@uls.edu

Allison deForest

Director of the Graduate Studies Program and Adjunct Faculty

Phone: 215-248-6347

Email: adeforest@uls.edu

Melanie DelSignore

Housekeeping staff, Gettysburg

Vincent W. Dent, Sr.

Senior Major Gifts Officer

Phone: 215-248-6318

Email: vdent@uls.edu

Lisa Dubay

Major Gift Officer

Phone: 717-338-3009

Email: ldubay@uls.edu

Becca Ehrlich

Associate Director of Admissions

Phone: 215-248-6321

Email: rehrlich@uls.edu

Maria E. Erling

Professor of Modern Church History and Global Mission

Phone: 717-339-1306

Email: merling@uls.edu

Vincent Evener

Instructor in Reformation and Luther Studies

Phone: 717-339-1305

Email: vevener@uls.edu

Michael Fabian

Lieutenant, Night Watch Supervisor

Vincent D. Ferguson

Chief of Safety & Security / Manager of Operations, Philadelphia

Phone: 215-248-4665

Email: vferguson@uls.edu

Andrew Fitch

Associate Director of Admissions

Phone: 717-338-3008

Email: afitch@uls.edu

Randolph Fullerton


Phone: 717-476-9715

Email: rfullerton@uls.edu

Scott Ganley

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Phone: 717-339-1328

Email: sganley@uls.edu

Richard Green

Interim President

Phone: 717-338-3001

Email: rgreen@uls.edu

Crystal L. Hall

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies

Phone: 215-248-6376

Email: chall@uls.edu

Barry Hill, Jr.

Chief Communications Officer

Phone: 717-338-3016

Email: bhill@uls.edu

Mark G. Vitalis Hoffman

Professor of Biblical Studies

Phone: 717-339-1314

Email: mhoffman@ULS.edu

John F. Hoffmeyer

Associate Professor of Systematic Theology

Phone: 215-248-6346

Email: jhoffmeyer@uls.edu

Chelle Huth

Director of Lifelong Learning & Certificate Studies; Adjunct Faculty

Phone: 717-338-3038

Email: chuth@uls.edu

Lyn Jackson

Contextual Formation, Life Long Learning & UTI Assistant

Phone: 215-248-6381

Email: ljackson@uls.edu

Trina Johnsten

Vice President for Student Services and Enrollment

Phone: 215-248-6380

Email: tjohnsten@uls.edu

Yvonne Jones Lembo

Major Gifts Officer - ULS Regional Gift Planner - ELCA Foundation

Phone: 215-300-8942

Email: ylembo@uls.edu

Sheila Joy

Archivist and Cataloger

Phone: 717-339-1317

Email: sjoy@uls.edu

Michael E. Krentz

Instructor and Dean of the Chapel (Philadelphia Campus)

Phone: 215-248-7386

Email: mkrentz@uls.edu

Kristin Johnston Largen

Professor of Systematic Theology

Phone: 717-338-3007

Email: klargen@uls.edu

John Largen

Interim Director of Contextual Formation and Adjunct Faculty

Phone: 717-339-1310

Email: jlargen@uls.edu

Marlita Lee

Coordinator of Admissions Services

Phone: 215-248-7302

Email: malee@uls.edu

Karen Lentz

Staff Accountant

Phone: 717-338-3002

Email: klentz@uls.edu

Charles R. Leonard

Associate Professor of Integrative Theology and Director of Field Formation & CPE

Phone: 215-248-6340

Email: cleonard@uls.edu

Glenn E. Ludwig

Director of the Senior Pastor Training Program

Phone: 717-697-6184

Email: gludwig@uls.edu

Karol A. Mason

Executive Assistant to the Sr. VP of Advancement/Director of Advancement Operations

Phone: 215-248-6316

Email: kmason@uls.edu

Jennifer McNeel

Adjunct Faculty

Randy Miller

Maintenance Staff, Gettysburg

Phone: 717-357-4122

Email: rmiller@uls.edu

Wendy Mizenko

Director of Housing, Facilities and Special Events for Gettysburg

Phone: 717-338-3004

Email: wmizenko@uls.edu

Surekha Nelavala

Adjunct Faculty

Phone: 240-422-2969

Email: snelavala@uls.edu

Justin Nickel

Adjunct Instructor

Phone: 720-278-9138

Email: jnickel@uls.edu

Mariam Nowar

Director of Financial Services

Phone: 215-248-7311

Email: mnowar@uls.edu

Mark W. Oldenburg

Dean of the Gettysburg Chapel

Phone: 717-338-3028

Email: moldenburg@uls.edu

Andrea Oslikova

Major Gift Officer

Phone: 717-338-3010

Email: aoslikova@uls.edu

Asseta Ouattara-Seogo


Phone: 215-248-7356

Email: aouattara-seogo@uls.edu

Jon Pahl

Peter Paul and Elizabeth Hagan Professor in the History of Christianity

Phone: 215-248-6397

Email: jpahl@uls.edu

Carla E. Pavlick

Assistant to the Director of Lifelong Learning & Contextual Formation

Phone: 717-339-1322

Email: cpavlick@uls.edu

James Pollard

Adjunct Faculty

J. Paul Rajashekar

Luther D. Reed Professor of Systematic Theology and Director, Asian Theological Summer Institute

Phone: 215-248-6379

Email: rajashekar@uls.edu

Donald Redman

Co-Director of Information Systems and Education Technology

Phone: 717-338-3036

Email: dredman@uls.edu

Dave Reecher

Director of Maintenance and Project Management

Phone: 717-338-3017

Email: dreecher@uls.edu

Alexandra Reid

Educational Technologist and Coordinator of Student Learning Assessment

Phone: 215-248-6387

Email: areid@uls.edu

Michael Reid

Deputy Chief of Security

Email: mreid@uls.edu

Sherry Rippman

Reception and Administrative Support

Phone: 717-338-3005

Email: srippman@uls.edu

Julie Ritter

Registrar and Senior Assistant to the Dean

Phone: 717-338-3007

Email: jritter@uls.edu

Quintin L. Robertson

Director of the Urban Theological Institute & Black Church Studies Program

Phone: 215-248-7324

Email: qrobertson@uls.edu

Robert Robinson

Faculty Emeritus

Brooks Schramm

Kraft Professor of Biblical Studies

Phone: 717-339-1309

Email: bschramm@uls.edu

Karen Sease

Major Gift Officer, Director of Church and Alumni Relations

Phone: 215-248-6323

Email: ksease@uls.edu

J. Jayakiran Sebastian

H. George Anderson Professor of Mission and Cultures and Dean of the Seminary

Phone: 215-248-7378

Email: jsebastian@uls.edu

Diane E. Shallue

Adjunct Instructor

Phone: 763-913-6582

Email: dshallue@uls.edu

Aaron T. Smith

Adjunct Faculty, Systematic Theology

Taija Snyder

Housekeeping staff, Gettysburg

Janet Sturdivant

Adjunct Faculty

Storm Swain

Associate Professor of Pastoral Care and Theology Director of Anglican Studies (Supported by the Frederick Houk Borsch Chair in Anglican Studies)

Phone: 215-248-7375

Email: sswain@uls.edu

Cody Swisher

Library Public Service Assistant, Wentz Branch

Phone: 717-338-3014

Email: cswisher@uls.edu

Ron Townsend

Acquisitions, Cataloger, Interlibrary Loan, and Systems Specialist

Phone: 215-248-6334

Email: rtownsend@uls.edu

Dennis Trotter

Chief Operating Officer

Phone: 215-248-7304 or cell: 402-984-4313

Email: dtrotter@uls.edu

Gilson A. C. Waldkoenig

Paulssen-Hale-Maurer Professor of Church in Society and Director of TCCI

Phone: 717-338-3029

Email: gwaldkoenig@uls.edu

Shania West

Custodial Coordinator, Gettysburg

Phone: 717-398-6118

Karyn L. Wiseman

Associate Professor of Homiletics (supported by the Herman G. Stuempfle Chair of Proclamation of the Word)

Phone: 215-248-7326

Email: kwiseman@uls.edu

Dana Witt

Music, Gettysburg! Assistant

Phone: 717-339-1319

Email: dwitt@uls.edu

James Ziebell

Reception and Mail Room Manager, Philadelphia

Phone: 215-248-6303

Email: jziebell@uls.edu

Angela Zimmann

Vice President of Advancement and Adjunct Professor of Homiletics

Phone: 717-338-3015

Email: azimmann@uls.edu

Martin Otto Zimmann

Major Gift Officer, Alumni/ae Relations, Adjunct Professor

Phone: 717-338-3011

Email: mzimmann@uls.edu